Domonick Labino

American, 1910 - 1987

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One of the leading glass craftsman in the United States... Dominick Labino, born in 1910, (died 1987) in Fairmont City, Pennsylvania was an internationally-known scientist, inventor, artist and master craftsman in glass. Labino's art works in glass are in the permanent collections of more than 100 museums throughout the world. Labino held over 60 glass-oriented patents in the United States.

Labino received an honorary doctorate from Bowling Green State University in 1970. In 1971 he received the Governor's Award for the Art, State of Ohio,and was presented with the first Ohio Art Council award for his contribution to the development of molten glass as a fine art form.Labino received the Toledo Glass and Ceramic Award in 1972, and was presented with the Rakow Award for Excellence in Glass by the Corning Museum of Glass in 1985. Labino received the Steuben Phoenix Award in 1977 for his contributions both to the production of industrial glass and to the use of glass in fine art.

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