John Raimondi

—The Collector—

John Raimondi Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 2021

The John Raimondi Gallery, founded in 1971 by the internationally renowned sculptor, specializes in American Abstract Art. Raimondi’s creative passions, which began when he was a young boy, has inspired him to collect art. That passion over the years has resulted in the creation of this remarkable collection and gallery.

At the John Raimondi Gallery you'll discover a unique, captivating, and comfortable exhibition space where you are free to experience each work at your own pace, reflect on your thoughts, and engage in discussions as you wish. As an artist of “total immersion” John’s remarkable Gallery is also one of his residences, where he is most comfortable sharing his remarkable knowledge and congeniality with collectors and visitors in a setting unlike any other gallery in America.

Raimondi’s legendary design talents and hospitality makes visiting the Gallery more than just an opportunity to view and possibly purchase works of art; it provides art lovers the opportunity to experience a brilliant collection of art (some for sale, some not) in an intimate living space designed to exhibit each piece in its own unique way.


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