Wes Mills

American, 1960 - Present

Wes Mills is an American visual artist who was born in 1960 in Tucson, Arizona. Wes Mills has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at The Harwood Museum of Art, University of New Mexico, at the PDX Contemporary Art, and several more throughout the United States and Europe. There have been many articles about Wes Mills, including 'Art in Review; Wes Mills 'Missoula Drawings'' written by Grace Glueck for New York Times in 2000.

"For the ghostly sheets and occasional canvases produced by Wes Mills, 'markings' might be a better word than 'drawings.' Drawing seems to imply more structure and a firmer pressure on the instrument than the artist exerts. But the pocks and abstract lines of Mr. Mills's brush, pencil, and erasures—sometimes bunched or clustered, sometimes meandering bravely on their own—pay no heed to such conventional ideas. Notations suggesting the real world without the need to blossom into images, they have the feel of Zen poetry." - The New York Times

The artist now resides in Montana.

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