Alejandro Monge

Spanish, 1988 - Present

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Alejandro Monge (Zaragoza, Spain, 1988) reflects on destruction as a form of creation. Classical busts are invaded and assaulted by contemporary elements, baroque still lives are painted in flames, and everyday objects are portrayed as damaged and juxtaposed in such a way as to comment on current affairs.

The artist presents his particular language fearlessly: hyper-realism with street art influences or baroque classics reinterpreted with a conceptual art approach, making his original and irreverent works challenging to label. Monge uses various techniques and styles to give rise to a careful and detailed body of work where only some things are what it seems. Alabaster, lacquered steel, porcelain, and resins are employed homogeneously, leading to technically and aesthetically complex pieces.
One of his most important works to date is the burned bills series in paper or steel, hand-painted and reaching hyper-realist perfection, reflecting on the excesses of our society. He studied Fine Arts, Sculpture, and Design at the Zaragoza College of Fine Arts. Monge has participated in many exhibitions, including the “International Airport” or “Cenizas de la Historia” with 3 Punts Gallery, as well as Contemporary Art fairs such as SWAB, Art Madrid, Art Fair Cologne, among others. Part of his work is in many collections, including the MUSARCO or Ibercaja Bank. Numerous key galleries and museums such as Bedford Gallery have featured Alejandro Monge's work in the past.

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