Geometric Minimalism - 1970's

Raimondi’s earliest works are notable for their repetitive elements, emphasis on negative space around the forms, termination in a point, and for their significantly different appearance when viewed from various vantage points. Of these nine sculptures, eight are inspired and/or dedicated to key people in the artist’s personal and artistic development (family, friends, lovers, and teachers). They introduce many attributes that Raimondi employs throughout his career, including his current work. The artist was intimately involved with the fabrication, doing most of the work on these monumental sculptures himself.

As art historian Henry Adams observes, these early sculptures “employ abstraction as means of direct emotional expression and of dealing with personal issues that could not be approached more directly. The cage-like forms express a feeling of being imprisoned and the upwardly thrusting phallic forms spoke of coming to terms with his sexual identity…” 

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