Boris Lovet-Lorski

American/Lithuanian, 1894-1973

Boris Lovet-Lorski, sculptor, lithographer, and painter who contributed significantly to the American Art Deco movement, was born in Lithuania in 1894. 

Trained as an architect at the Royal Academy in Petrograd, Boris Lovet-Lorski was very aware of volume and structural space. His architectural background combined with other influences like the flattened aesthetic of Art Deco, produce a distinctly original style. 

Along with his idealized subjects, the originality and artistry of his design quickly won the young sculptor critical acclaim and led to his first one-man show in Boston in 1925, the year he became an American citizen. He was then invited to teach at the Milwaukee Art Institute and developed a reputation that he carried with him to New York where he exhibited on a regular basis with the Wildenstein Gallery starting in 1928. 

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