Jazz Series - 1990's & 2000's

As a tribute and creative exploration into what many musicologists and historians have called the “most original of all American art,” Raimondi’s “Jazz Series” engages visual and kinetic language that reflects a vast aesthetic range and improvisational core that makes jazz so compelling and unique. The imagery in this series has been described by the sculptor as a romantic abstraction of each jazz artist's essence, often derived from his or her musical instrument, unique musical expression, and personality. 

The series was first inspired when Raimondi was drawing with pen & ink while listening to Sarah Vaughan. He paused a moment, so moved by the beauty of her voice and lyric, and as he looked down at his drawing saw water marks, from tears that had fallen, ruining the drawing but giving rise to one of his most beautiful and emotionally charged sculpture series. Included here sculptures that are tributes to Sarah Lois Vaughan, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Charlie "Bird" Parker, John "Train" Coltrane, and Bessie Smith. 

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