Mark Nielsen

American, 1948 - Present

Artist's website

Mark Nielsen is an artist who began to paint in June of 2002. During this time, he had been influenced by his grandfather, Richard F. Bartlett (a commercial and fine artist) who was in turn influenced by Edward Hopper and Rockwell Kent.
The artist's training is in the field of architecture and he is currently a freelance designer for Boston architectural firms. His interest in the arts led him to establish and direct “Oasis Studio”, an experimental after-hours studio in the North End from 1982 - 1988. In 2009 Mark Nielsen founded Towle Hill Studio to continue his collaboration with artists and their interactions with the public. His work in these studios explores the crossover possibilities between architecture and the arts.

Light, shadows, color, sense of place, and constructed forms in nature are some of the common themes that the artist explores in both the worlds of architecture and painting.

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