M. P. Landis

American, 1965 - Present

Artist's website

M. P. Landis was born in Lancaster, PA in 1965. In 1989, he moved to Provincetown, MA. After living in Provincetown year-round for eight years, the artist moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1996. He lived and worked there until 2015 when he and his family moved to Portland, Maine. Since then, his work has become less dependent on the figure and more poetic and open. His current work is a palimpsest of direct inspiration such as music (often avant-garde jazz), poetry, nature, and the process and emotions of everyday experience.

Collaboration is another significant component of Landis's art. He has painted on stage with musicians, dancers, and poets from the New York jazz scene. His visual collaborations include projects and appearances with musicians Tom Abbs, Borah Bergman, Daniel Carter, Billy Bang, Steve Swell, Okkyung Lee, Marc Edwards, Sabir Mateen, and Roy Campbell. His paintings and photographs have been used for various CD releases and poetry books. He is also involved in ongoing collaborations via the U.S. Postal Service with visual artists Paul Bowen and Bert Yarborough and with poet Nick Flynn, among others.

The artist currently lives and works in Portland and Brunswick, ME.

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