Craig McInnis

American, 1972 - Present

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Craig McInnis was born June 12th, 1972 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. He decided early on that he would become a visual artist. His mother is an artist and his grandfather and great uncles were all big band musicians.  Music and art run through his family tree. McInnis attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he earned his degree. The artist has had the opportunity to paint many public and private murals, create fine art, illustrate, create graphics and layouts, create storyboard art, props, and more diverse creative endeavors. In his studio, McInnis teaches art to teens and adults alike and most recently works behind the scenes to curate, promote, and produce art shows for his cohorts. As Co-Founder of Art Synergy and CONTINUUM, and manager of The Peach Art Collective, McInnis is a part of a dedicated team of art professionals with the goal of promoting local art at national and international levels and facilitating access to education, art, and culture.

Craig McInnis currently works and resides in West Palm Beach, Florida alongside his wife and fellow artist Renata Rodrigues.

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