Paul Caponigro

American, 1932 - Present
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Paul Caponigro is an American photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. By the young age of 12, Caponigro discovered his passion for photography.

In the early 1950s, Caponigro attended the College of Music at the University of Boston and subsequently joined the army, and he traveled with them to the western United States. It was while on tour with the army that Caponigro discovered the West Coast School of Photography. Eventually, Caponigro decided to focus his creative energy on photography, and he began studying at the California School of Fine Art. Caponigro studied alongside other famous photographers, including Minor White.

During these early years, Caponigro exhibited his photographs for the first time at the George Eastman House, and he published some in the Aperture magazine. In 1960, Caponigro began to teach at the University of Boston. While teaching here, Caponigro was also working as a consultant, doing technical research for the Polaroid Corporation.

While working at the University of Boston, he received two Guggenheim Fellowships. These Fellowships, in 1966 and 1975, allowed Caponigro to pursue a lifelong project. Caponigro was passionate about ancient megalithic sites, like Stonehenge, and he set out to photograph as many as he could. Running White Deer is one of the most famous Paul Caponigro photographs, and it was captured during his time in England and Ireland. From 1973 until 1993, Caponigro lived in New Mexico, where he continued taking photographs and exhibiting his work.

He was awarded The Royal Photographic Society's Centenary Medal and Honorary Fellowship (HonFRPS) in recognition of a sustained, significant contribution to the art of photography in 2001. Caponigro is a dedicated pianist and considers his training with music to be essential to his photographic imagery. His son, John Paul Caponigro, is a digital photographic artist.

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