Gabor Peterdi

Hungarian-American, 1915 - 2001

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Peterdi was a very young, precocious artist born in Pestújhely, a working-class suburb of Budapest, Hungary where his parents, both poets, were active in avant-garde circles. He won the prestigious Prix de Rome at age 15 and later studied printmaking at Stanley Hayter's innovative studio, Atelier 17, in Paris.  After studying in Rome and Paris, Peterdi immigrated in 1939 to the United States. After moving to New York in 1939 he became associated with Abstract Expressionism, although Peterdi never created purely non-figurative paintings and prints. He remained consistently inspired by forms from nature.

Gabor Peterdi's technical sensitivity and skill, demonstrated in his art and in his teaching, helped generate a revival of printmaking in this country. An influential teacher, he has written books on the history and techniques of printmaking and established workshops at Hunter College, the Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York University, and Yale University, where he became a professor in 1960. The artist died in 2001.

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