Christian Verginer

Italian, 1982 - Present

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Christian Verginer was born in Brixen, Italy in 1982. He is the son of sculptor Willy Verginer and brother of sculptor Matthias Verginer. The artist studied at the School of Fine Arts in Ortisei and then, in 2002, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.

Since 2002 his works were exhibited at Unika Art Fair, in Ortisei, and in other important locations, such as Arte Padova Tradefair in Milano, and Munich.

The work of Christian Verginer brings together people and things depicted in the most unexpected ways, where instead of the reasoned and rational justification of sensible links we find particular, free imagination.

The artist is not seeking to create the fleeting expressions of the face nor the movement of the body; what he seeks is the essence of the model and, above all, a plastic study of forms, which are both exact and anatomically perfect. These forms dominate any psychological analysis because the eyes, the windows to the most hidden states of mind, are mostly closed, absorbed in inner silence.

The artist currently lives and works in Ortisei, Italy.

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