Dance of the Cranes, 1988

Soaring 60 feet into the air, Dane of the Cranes is the largest and tallest bronze sculpture in America. It stands on a wide lawn fronting the entrance to Omaha International Airport in Nebraska. In the book, John Raimondi: Drawing to Sculpture, 2016, George F. Thompson Publishing, its author, Henry Adams, an internationally renowned art historian, writes: “The beauty of abstraction is that it allows more than one reading of a form. Dance of the Cranes is surely based on the courtship dance of the Sandhill Crane, but, as it evolved, the sculpture also developed a shape reminiscent of a Plains Indian war bonnet. For Raimondi, the work is a celebration not only of the Sandhill crane and its millions of years connection with the Nebraska landscape, but also the many Indian nations that have honored the crane over millennia.”

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