Milton Resnick

Ukrainian, 1917 - 2004

Milton Resnick was a contemporary Ukrainian visual artist who was born in 1917. Disobeying his father, the boy left home at seventeen to become an artist. In order to survive he sold his blood, modeled, and worked at the American Artists School, 131 West 14th Street, as the elevator boy, in exchange for tuition. In 1938 Resnick met Willem de Kooning, likely introduced to him by his sweetheart, Elaine Fried. She married de Kooning in 1943. Resnick was enrolled in the Federal Art Project of the WPA in 1939. He became immersed in the art world after meeting many of the artists at Stewart's cafeteria, where they would congregate after collecting their WPA checks. Drafted into the army in 1940, he served in Iceland, Normandy, Northern Europe, and the Rhineland. In 1945 at the age of twenty-eight, Resnick was finally discharged from the armed forces. Willem De Kooning, a faithful friend, had stored some of his art for that period. The rest was lost.

He had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery and at the Robert Miller Gallery. There have been numerous articles about Milton Resnick, including 'An Abstract World That Looks Like Silence' written by Ken Johnson for New York Times in 2014. The artist died in 2004.

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