Silverstar, 2011

Chief Sachem Silverstar was born in 1881. In the 1930s he was the leader of both the Pawcatuck Eastern Pequot Indian Tribe and the Mashantucket Western Pequot Tribe in Connecticut. Silverstar was very proud of his Native American heritage. He held public Powwows to help educate non-Natives in the ways and beliefs of his people and of other tribes. Silverstar also visited schools frequently to speak to children about Native American culture. His life-long dedication to ensuring that Native American culture endures inspired Raimondi to build this sculpture celebrating his life in stainless steel, as its reflective quality is emblematic of Silverstar’s wish for all people to see themselves when they think about the glory and the plight of Native American culture.

Boosted by structural steel beams, this sculpture will be a magnificent monument when realized in full scale, towering 52 feet in height. However, to date this sculpture has only been fabricated in smaller scale.

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